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Attempts @ Organization

Where's Hayley?

All About Hayley

My name is Hayley. I am a 24 year old-virgo. I was born and raised in Lexington, KY. I live with my boyfriend, Jake, his cat, Kill-face, and my dog, Ash.

I love to write, more than anything. I need an outlet, and Tumblr gives that to me. I also fancy taking really cool pictures, so I post them here as well.

I went to college for a major in Journalism and a minor in Film History. My dream is to write movies, and I’m trying really hard to get there.

I dig lists; they tend to simplify situations. So here’s a list of assorted facts about yours truly:

  • I tend to decline phone calls more often than not.
  • I’m a beer pong-messiah; it’s not hard when you own a professional-quality, custom-table with your own freaking face on it.
  • I once thought I had telekinesis for two hours after I caused my Xbox controller to fall off the table; then I found out that I’d just tripped the cord and didn’t realize it.
  • I love the outdoors but I can’t camp because something terrible always happens.
  • I was on the swim team, the volleyball team, and in the math club as a kid.
  • My very first doll was a Cabbage Patch Kid.
  • I love gatherings but hate crowds.
  • I could live off of milk and cereal for the rest of my life and be ecstatic.
  • I am the Martha Stewart of partying.
  • I am a complete narcissist.
  • I am addicted to body modification.
  • Cheesy, gory, cult-horror/scifi makes me weak in the knees.
  • I adore dogs and tolerate cats.
  • I drink and curse like a member of the Navy.
  • The driver’s seat of my car is the stage to my own, personal-Madison Square Garden.
  • There is a naked picture of me on the internet.
  • I’m better than you at video games.
  • I still sleep with stuffed animals.

On the far left side of my Tumblr page under “Where’s Hayley?” there are buttons to contact me via email or on sites like Facebook and Twitter, just incase you want to see more or know more about me. I hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet. Thanks for stopping by!

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